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 The Meme 27

The Meme 27
Metro Dweller

Name: The Boogeyman

Age: 15

Physical Description: Tall humanoid figure | Dark ashen grey Skin | Long slender Arms and Legs | Has no physical Mouth | Color Changing eyes depending on mood/Situation |

Strengths and Weaknesses: N/A

Backstory (At least 4 paragraphs):

Birth : Born in 2018 in the Dark one's nest , He grew up with other dark ones and learned the basics of life and its dangers ( idk if thats what really happens with dark ones but who knows really )

Early life : He spent his early life observing ruined Moscow and wondering if there are other beings other than Mutants his curiosity about the world grows as he does

Exploring the world : Later on curiosity got the better of him and he set out to explore ruined Moscow , as he wonders he is fascinated by the old world and wondering what was its purpose in the past , After a long exploration he goes near an old metro entrance , He spots a group of stalkers exiting , seeing a Humans for the first time he gets overwhelmed , he tries to get closer thinking maybe they are Intelligent and not savages as other mutants , the group split up and enter a building scavenging for supplies he gets close to one of them and tries to communicate with the stalker but it only made it worse as the stalker looks at the dark one and immediately opens fire at him which has injured him , he flees the area and returns to the nest , this of course has changed his perspective on all humans to the worse.

2033 : Present time , Having enough knowledge on survival and handling situations with Mutants and humans he would roam Moscow exploring the old world


Steam Name: Exiled

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:53780128

What do you know about the Dark Ones based on lore?: Dark humanoid figure capable of controlling and destroying minds , it is a probability that they were made as super soldiers by the Russian government as there were dark ones residing in D6 .

How long have you been roleplaying for?: I would say around a year
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